April 22, 2017: Water Street Books, 26 Water Street, Williamstown, MA

7 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Patience,
    I just finished your book last night. I think we were separated at birth, although, we are almost 10 years apart in age. ( I’m older, just so you know..) We are like two peas in a pod. You must be the sister I never had. You choose the movie, I’ll bring the M& M’s.

  2. Dear Mary, I accept the sisterhood! Movie: I’m in the mood for either You’ve Got Mail or the Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice (lots of M&Ms and lots of knitting) or The Wedding Date!

  3. Patience,
    Last night I presented Romance is My Day Job as to be the opening book for my book club. It will be my second time around reading it but I am sure I’ll enjoy it even more now that I am sharing it with my girlfriends. Would you provide me with a discussion guide for us to follow during our next meeting? Thank you.

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