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9780525954385HI’m part of an actual blog tour, thanks to writer Shannon Morgan! She is an editor and a food and travel writer working on her first novel. You can check out her post on her own writing process here. I feel as if I should do more than answer these questions. Maybe I could begin with a dance sequence? Or I’ll give you a Facebook link to my dinner of crackers and Sprite grilled dry-rubbed pork ribs with a warm lentil salad (which I’m about to order from Westville). No?

Okay, without further ado, here are my questions and answers:

What are you working on?

After I finished Romance Is My Day Job, my imagination went in four different directions. So, yeah, I’m working on four different stories, which is chaotic. The one project I’m focusing on is a secret. Here are the four, in no particular order: 1. A steamy office romance 2. an After Happily Ever After sequel to RIMDJ (I left out about half the story) 3. a sweet YA novel set in a boarding school and 4. a dating guide written by a romance novel heroine. In addition to this, I edit books and write blog posts specific to the world of romance novels (if you need one, call me).

 How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My memoir might differ from others because it’s my life. That might be the only difference, really. I’m told it reads like a novel, which was intentional. Years of inspiration from romance reading helped me stay on a certain storytelling path.  There needed to be juicy conflict, romantic tension, a strong hero, emotional baggage on both sides, and a cool, yet dorky heroine (in this case, me).

Why do you write what you do?

I’ve always written–kept diaries, spewed bad poetry (no one will find it), penned the atrocious Great American Novel*, a romance novel, a library of chick lit, years of blogging, and twenty screenplays. Writing my memoir was a divine accident. I never thought I’d write non-fiction beyond blogging and my diaries. And the idea of writing about my life for public consumption seemed absurd. I understand that the person most interested in my life is me. Then again, when I told the story of how Sam and I reconnected, I kept getting a big reaction. And some of the circumstances leading up to “I do” were spectacular. So I did it!

What’s your writing process?

I write erratically because of my full-time job and, usually, the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a screen. But I do my best, writing snippets at night and more on the weekend. There’s also the fact that I live in a small New York apartment with someone who often walks by my desk and peeks over my shoulder. I try to psych myself up for a writing jag, use a timer for bursts of prose, then a candy bar at the end. I wish I were more disciplined, especially when I don’t have a specific deadline to meet. Chocolate really does motivate me.

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*It’s 500 pages long, written right after college. A retelling of Sleeping Beauty (how original is THAT?) with a long opening dream sequence, which I thought was SO cool twenty years ago.