March 12

Dear Friends,

I write this having just braved the bomb cyclone side-blowing snow-sleet “event” outside our door. Nothing like what’s happening overseas but subtle encouragement to stay inside and reflect…and watch the $4.99 movies I bought from iTunes. Keanu Reeves in Siberia could be the uplift we need. Maybe today I teach myself the dance moves to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” or Tom Holland’s “Umbrella” from the lip-sync battle.

Today should be like any other pandemic day but it’s also forever my last day in the office before we went remote two years ago. I’ll admit I was EXCITED to stay home during what I thought would be a no big deal flu. Sort of like no school days during an Upstate New York blizzard. But my husband and I got over that excitement fast and one month turned into centuries.

Exactly one year ago, I walked into the doctor’s office, feeling “not quite right” and was diagnosed with COVID. It took a lot of time to get through it, but I did. Life gives you those jolts for no good reason. But you can find coping strategies that turn into cozy blankets. During the pandemic, I’ve delved into makeup and more books and clothes and puzzles. They take the place of a morning commute and the sense that rushing around is the best thing one can do.

This March 12, I’m hoping to finish these fine books:

And test out Gwen Stefani’s Original Recipe lipstick, hopefully not scaring my husband. The eyeshadow palette is dreamy.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying today. And if you’re fighting your way through “events,” may you find as many cozy blankets as possible.