Romantic Life Lessons

Some of My Favorite Romances on Screen

First I’ll put out the disclaimer that I love drek, as well as the classics, and you can’t help what touches you emotionally. Without shame (maybe a little), I will list some of the movies that hit me hard and showed me the power of love.

Notting Hill: I’m not sure why I love this one because Julia is consistently mean to Hugh and he keeps caving to her. Maybe it was the awkwardness between them or the loveable insane roommate Spike. All I know is that when she says “indefinitely” at the end, my eyes fill with giant Julia tears.

Frankie and Johnny: This flick got panned but I watched it over and over for about two years. I totally identified with the depressing Michelle Pfeiffer role and it seemed so lovely to me that such a sad-sack could find true love. How can you not adore Al Pacino?

Deja Vu  blew me away and I was in dreamland for weeks over this indie. A couple, both with other spouses, fall in love and find themselves constantly reunited through a long string of coincidences. Each time I watch it, I blubber like a baby–though after the 107th viewing, the heroine seems pretty whiny. Proceed with caution…and abandon!

Love Affair was deemed a mistake of a remake of An Affair to Remember.  But I love it! Annette Bening is endlessly gorgeous and fun to watch. She and Warren Beatty have this warm chemistry, so much so that even Katharine Hepburn agreed to be in it.

P.S. I Love You: I’ll confess, I’m not a big Hilary Swank fan, in that I don’t need to watch all her movies. But she is adorable here as a shoe-obsessed widow trying to find her way. Plus, she and Gerard Butler generate brilliant fireworks together. Kathy Bates is responsible for bringing on my torrent of sobbing toward the end–you’ll know where. You’ll see here how the human spirit is endlessly searching and finding connections.

How could I not include a classic? Notorious: Cary Grant is deadly sexy, the all-knowing hero who helps guide a drunken Audrey Hepburn toward a more virtuous path. Great on-screen sparks in the scandalous kiss of its time.