Romantic Life Lessons

What Book Changed Your Life?

I was 20, living in Paris, and, right after exams, I came down with the flu. Desperate for entertainment since I had no TV, I shuffled to the nearest FNAC to find a book, one in English for a change. After three months of all-French reading, I needed something that screamed “America.”  The bookstore had a bin of used paperbacks, mostly American. I picked through it and found Fools Die by Mario Puzo. I’d loved The Godfather and figured this one might be just as fun.

The minute I started reading, I knew Puzo was exactly the medicine I needed (along with aspirins). For 500 pages, I was hooked and inspired. By the end, I realized I *needed* to be involved in creating books. If not writing them, I’d read them and help shape them. This is the book that changed everything for me.

Needing a little inspiration, I picked it up again a few days ago. Thank goodness for my faulty memory because it’s like a whole new story and I’m hooked once again, can’t wait to get home so that I can keep reading. Is that a gift or what?

What book is your life changer?