Magic Moments

Because my parents liked each other, my brother was born.

Because they persevered through a few heartbreaks, I was born.

Because they divorced, I went to boarding school (I really wanted to).

Because I went to boarding school, I met Sam.

Many years, relationships, life experiences later–and because I joined Facebook–I accepted Sam’s Facebook friendship.

Because of all of this, we are married today.

Happy 11 years of Facebook friendship, Love of My Life!

Romantic Life Lessons

A Romance Editor Meets Her Own Prince Charming

Let this story be a reminder that you never know what’s around the corner or when Mr/Ms. Right will appear. Having read romance novels for thirteen years and serial dated/monogamized for twenty-five, I gave up on true love. The weird part was that I didn’t much care. A girl is just fine by herself (I still believe this) and I didn’t relish the idea of more romance, making more small talk and waiting for the vanishing act/the red flag/other shoe to drop. It had happened a million times before. Dating in Manhattan was feeling too much like a greasy buffet.

Then out of nowhere, when I didn’t care (August 10, 2009), I got a Friend request from a familiar name. The popular boy from high school, a few years ahead of me, that fun, adorable class clown. I realized his appearance in my life had to be a divine gift. This “Friending” began a four-month whirlwind correspondence, though I proceeded with some caution. That “knowing he was The One” feeling one hears about–I finally had it! Suddenly, those romance novels didn’t seem so implausible.

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