My Real Desk

photo (34)On my Facebook page, I often post nice pictures of my immaculate desk at work. Because of limited and shared space, I try to keep it neat (between you and me, I hide everything in the filing cabinet). At home, my true desk is a disaster. For decades, I was neat, Pledging my desk and clearing out unnecessary clutter. Now, I have piles upon piles, baskets of whatever, bowls of coins, paperclips, a mountain of scratch paper and three mugs of pens. Why do I keep buying new pens? It’s funny how I keep thinking I need to use different glasses for water. Then there’s the yarn. Not only are there three knitting bags in my closet (down from five), but also, a growing heap of yarn lives behind my computer monitor. This picture is tame.

I thought I would clean my desk over my vacation, but eight episodes of Californication later, my work table still held the spoils of editing war. I’m too busy to clean. Right? My book just came out, and I should be able to coast on this for another six months. My junk yard can stay intact, right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Oh wait, an epiphany–my mother’s desk is like this and she even uses the floor as her filing cabinet. There, it’s genetic.