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Birthday Endorsements

Yesterday we celebrated my 54th with isolation due to a short visit from the COVID fairy. It was a beautiful day with three pieces of cake, a big cookie, sparkling rose, endless murder shows, a puzzle, books, ironing clothes (because I love that), and the unintentional comedy stylings of my adorable husband.

I want to start out year 55 with endorsements to people/entities/things that have given me reassurance and pleasure this birthday week:

Shout out to those who work at the facility where my father-in-law and his cradle-robbing girlfriend reside. They are friendly, always there, and know exactly how to make my in-laws feel safe.

Even though it’s unpopular to praise an airline, I endorse Delta airlines for managing our uneventful flights to/from Florida last week. This is probably how the COVID fairy followed us home, but for me, old shaky-legs-on-a-plane, smooth flying is happy crying experience.

Writers always deserve heaps of applause and this past week, I must thank Jennifer Steil (Oberlin College classmate!!!) for The Woman Who Fell From the Sky and Candice Millard for The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey. These stories thoroughly distracted me and I learned a bit about Yemen and Teddy Roosevelt respectively. I’m grateful.

It’s a good idea to have more than black garments in your wardrobe. In New York City, I’m under penalty of imprisonment if more than 5% of my clothes are non-funereal. For kicks, I’m a fan of getting a dress in that color you’re afraid to wear. For me, it’s a bold red! Here I am, feeling strangely great in red…and wearing heels for the first time in years. My motto: Get it.

I endorse not giving up when you’ve reach a certain age. It’s taken me a few years to believe this, but now I am ready, thanks in part to a kick in the butt from my mother, Empress of Never Giving Up, who is still working at her dream because she loves it. Thanks, Mom!

For those reading, don’t give up, okay? Bonnie Gene says so.


8 thoughts on “Birthday Endorsements”

  1. Just what I needed to hear this morning! My lifelong dream of being a true published author is nearly in reach but these Covid days I keep getting doubts if it will ever become a reality. So a ‘thank you’ to your mother for inspiring your post and a big thanks to you for always being so upbeat and positive. 🙂

    1. I’m glad that my mom’s wisdom could give you a boost. She is a big advocate for writers and understands how tough that world can be. Keep on going!

    1. Thank you, Queen of Pink! The COVID fairy left us fairly quickly and we are grateful for the little immunity molecules.

    1. Were you out of town doing something fun? This COVID fairy was much nicer than the one who visited in March 2021, pre-vaccine.

      1. I was on vacation with friends for a few days on a lake about an hour from home. It was lovely. I’m trying to avoid that lovely fairy, having met its evil cousin in February 2020, but I’m not feeling hopeful.

      2. That sounds lovely, Deborah. I hope the COVID fairy stays away from your blessed home.

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