Melancholy +

It’s not often I find openly melancholy kindred spirits, but I happened upon one while listening to Susan Cain on the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast. Cain talked about her new book, Bittersweet, which seems to celebrate–or at least honor–those sad sack moments where you are filled with intense woe (downbeat whoa) and love it. My paraphrasing doesn’t do this state of being justice, which is a different kind of sad. Let it be known here that I feel right at home with sadness and depressing things*.

Before I sink into an upsetting vibe, something I do well, especially as I mourn the lack of purple gel pens near my desk, I’ll share how much I liked that Cain spoke about posting art on her Instagram, just as a way to commune with others in a beautiful way. My favorite melancholy artist, Caspar David Friedrich, came to mind (I’m sounding like Frasier a little). When I look at this painting, I feel deep sadness and a connection to the universe. Plus, two dudes with cool hats, a freaky tree, and sliver of moon.

Friends, in Googling this piece of art, I just discovered that it exists just a short walk from my residence. See ya!

*Knowing that I don’t have anything that should cause me sadness. My privilege is pretty sickening.

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