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Shots in the Arm

Friends, I just got my second Moderna shot. What a great feeling and relief to be vaccinated after this long year. It’s not over, but I am so glad to bid adieu to these dreary COVID times in my little part of the world. My last year was not The Absolute Worst, but it wasn’t fun either.

My true pandemic experience began with breaking my elbow last June. It was an embarrassing trip over a piece of wood on the sidewalk. I went splat on my arm and scraped my legs. As a child, I’d dreamt about breaking a bone, but the reality was thoroughly unromantic. First, the sympathy did not come 24/7 and my doctor did not give me a cast–not even a sling. My grandmother wasn’t here to smother me with cookies and ice cream. With a broken elbow on your dominant hand, there were a lot of things that were nearly impossible. I won’t go into details.

During pandemic, certain quirks came out of hiding. Quirks to which my husband averted his eyes. The burlap sac dresses, dreary pajama bottoms, the sudden need for half and half in my coffee. And it turns out, I am a hoarder. When I sit down anywhere, I create piles around me. There’s the yarn pile, laptop and papers pile, the puzzle pile, and the beverage pile. If I don’t have piles, I order them and generate more stuff than I know what to do with, especially books, leopard print clothes, makeup, and paper products. Instagram knows about your piles and pulls you into the product placement time/money suck. I really had no choice.

Since March 2020, I’ve also become what I vowed never to be: a birder. A few times a week, I haul myself to Hudson River Park. For an indoor girl, this is an act of desperation. My flora and fauna are the beige pages pouring off my shelves and onto the floor. Let me be the first to tell you that the flowers, river, and Canadian geese are gorgeous! Their little flippers moving so gracefully under the water are Disney cute. They swim in beautiful lines, sort of like meandering military planes. My husband says the seagulls are the white ones, so consider me an expert now. Against a wintery backdrop, I caught them gliding and soaring in a dance. Why did I poo-poo my aunt’s obsession with all things avian?

To offset my influx of nature, I obsessively tuned in to everything about the pandemic and presidential election. A giant weight lifted from my shoulders on January 20 and I kicked my news addiction. It’s hard to wean yourself off Maddow, Anderson, Lawrence, Brianna, Brooke, Don, Capehart, Acosta, Cabrera, and Nicolle, but baby steps, you know? Better to focus on the impressive rollout of vaccine. First for my parents, then me and my peers.

Sam and I started to think about life after COVID, like maybe we can go places, take a real vacation, and envision happier times. Getting actual COVID was a big wrench in these plans as I tested positive exactly one year from my last day in the office, March 12. I was sick–not hospital sick, but enough that I checked my pulse oximeter a few times a day. I didn’t think I would die, but you just never know, right? After feeling better in the second week, I realized once again how lucky I am. But who gets COVID a year after the pandemic really begins?

This resulted in a few more orders to Sephora and City Cakes because we all deserve it. But there comes a time to stop and ease back in to what really matters. It is not the latest Urban Decay eyeshadow or obsessing that you can’t wear sparkly makeup anymore. Maybe you don’t need eight pairs of pajama bottoms, 41 rolls of toilet paper, or a sewing machine. It’s time to come out of the comfort cove.

Like everyone, I am ready for some serious fun, good work, and three-dimensional people time. With the blessing of these shots, let our healthy roaring twenties begin.

Ps. The vaccination side effects are *nothing* compared to actual COVID and so worth the ability to hug your loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Shots in the Arm”

    1. Thanks, RLMerrill! All good now, but these last eighteen months have been pretty freaky. I’m looking forward to global health eventually, that we can hang out and have fun in person. And keep writing fun stories.

  1. I almost certainly had Covid the February before shutdown, before we were even looking for it. (My doctor based this on my “classic” symptoms, but it was long enough after that it wasn’t worth testing antibodies. But I still have breathing issues.)
    My hoarding took the form of TP, wine, and spending way too much money on expensive chocolate from L.A. Burdick. I do not wish to discuss the Covid 15. But the struggle is real.
    I got my 2nd Pfizer shot two weeks ago today! My birthday is tomorrow and I’m actually going OUT to lunch with two friends, both of whom are also vaccinated. This is the first time eating out in over a year. WHOOO!
    I’m so glad you got jabbed.

    1. I’m so sorry you had Covid, Deborah. Did you feel like the love child of Death Warmed Over and Hell? I’m glad you got the shot and have been able to have some merriment during the last few months of fewer restrictions. Maybe one of these days, we will see each other again at a conference. In the meantime, write, write, write. –Patience

  2. I’m so glad you’ve been covidified! I had my second shot, felt awful for one full day and now I’m fine. It’s great to be outside and feeling the beautiful sun and fresh gulf breezes. I hope our year of living the virus dangerously is on it’s way into the history books. I also hope the lessons learned stay with us. You and Sam survived-Yay. I’m sure Cat Himself helped. Love to all!

    1. I’m so glad you’re vaccinated and able to be out in the beautiful sun and ocean. I look at your posts with so much envy. We would love to move next door to you! It’s this time of year when I miss my author/friends so much. Hopefully, next year we can all see each other in person. Yossi sends his love. –P.

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