Random Thursday Thoughts

32222522_2017084141884371_140361330824577024_nWondering if normal to need a 48-hour recovery period after working out with trainer?

The new Keanu Reeves/Winona Ryder rom com looks really good, though must prepare by rewatching them together in Dracula.

My mother is a new texter but somehow is genius with emojis.

Husband is grading exams next to me. The TV is off, which is miraculous. Resent his ability to focus. I may have to turn TV on…

…except he refuses to watch Maddow or Southern Charm.

The cat has drag queen claws.

Someone left a sock in the hall today at work. WHY?

Countless of us walked by and didn’t pick it up.

Wondering if I should finish the awesome story I’m reading, The Idea of You, by Robinne Lee, but don’t want to know the end yet. Have a feeling it’s tragic.

800 steps left for my Fitbit goal. Do I do them and reach my goal or defy tracking device?

How do I do 800 steps with husband grading right in front of me? In NY apartment, there is no place to go.

An ice cream parlor down the street….