Romantic Life Lessons

If you’re looking to escape current events…

…here is a past event that will delight you this Monday.

The lesson of the day:

Elvis is still The King though has a little ADD here and blows those other little drips away. (You know who I’m talking about)

3 thoughts on “If you’re looking to escape current events…”

  1. Patience, you and that lovely man (your husband) you’ve introduced us to and yes, we’ve all fallen in love with him, too, well — anyway, we love you both and wish you two all the best. Keep those messages coming, dear lady, this world needs waaaaaay more gals like you and guys like your husband. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with all of us out here in the hinterlands — uh, well, I should tell you I live on the Redneck Riviera — THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN, I ASSURE YOU! And for various happenstances, I’m stuck here. Writers like you and guys like your hubby share yourselves with us and enrich our lives enormously. I notice from a TV clip you’re acquainted with Jesus; mention me to Him, please. He’s very big in my life, too. And I will also include you and your dear husband in my prayers, especially in my rosary — I am a Roman Catholic BY MY OWN CHOICE, so I know the Scriptures and Jesus is the Center of My Life. I’m going to say my rosary now [which, contrary to general non-Catholic opinion, is NOT simply blathering Hail Marys at God with no real connection to the Creator and Redeemer of the Universe] But I know you have far too much good sense to harbor such outlandish ideas [from a TV clip I saw of you.] so I have complete confidence in the truth of your faith and Him Who is the Center of it.
    Love to you and your dear Husband,
    Dolores McCord Monaco
    August 15, 2016 Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother Mary

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