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  1. Thanks, Patience — oops! MRS. BLOOM! For allowing us into your life. You are wonderful — and so is your Sam. We love you both! Please keep sharing yourself and your Sam on the Internet with all of us hungry gals out here. I loved your book, ROMANCE IS MY DAY JOB, but most of all YOU as you emerge from its pages. I have read voraciously for more than 70 years — ah yes, age 79, [but really 3 years old in disguise!]. Yours is a truly unique literary voice. I lucked onto romance novels back in the 1970s — ahh! A gift from God! I have moved on to an eclectic banquet of other books, but rare is the book that can hold my interest [bated breath!] without a lovely man-woman relationship in it. Alas! Real Life has so far failed to “measure up!” Joan Johnston is among my favorite authors, but right now I can’t come up with the name of her publisher. Her sex scenes breathe all the love and beauty that can exist between a man and a woman.. Bless you, my dear, and your gorgeous Sam!] AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your extraordinary self and equally extraordinary SAM with all of us out here on the Internet. With little besides Death, Despair, Doom, Gloom and Depression in the so-called “Real World” you remind us that there are pockets of wonderfulness out there, too!

  2. P.S. YOU have truly BLOOMED since Sam came into your life — seriously, you look even prettier than before!


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