Writing Without Limits

IMG_1408I had the good fortune of hanging out with San Diego’s romance writing chapter last weekend. Not only did I get to hang out with fabulous people and empty the Hilton of all its Smart Water, I also spoke to the chapter about “Writing without Limits.”

The conference organizers suggested the topic–thank you, SDRW, because I had no clue–so I went from there. Confession: movies inspire most of my ideas, so here was my thought process: I should go running. That helps me think. Remember that cool movie about running, Without Limits, about Steve Prefontaine? It’s sort of related. Run with your whole gut. Don’t heave, though, at least not near me. I’m now inspired to think about this talk. Though I did not go running, I did plan the talk.

Anyway, when you write, invariably, there are limits to face, both internal and external. You put limits on yourself. We all have places we’re scared to go. I don’t like to write action even though I know characters have to do something. And in many cases, I’m scared what they’re going to make me do. You want to sell your writing, which means interacting with others and their limits. Because of market trends, you may feel your character should act a certain way or you have to write a certain story.

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Happy New Year and New Goals!

miamisingHappy 2016! Are you ready for a better year?

I definitely am, though aside from horrific world events, my 2015 wasn’t bad. The paperback version of Romance Is My Day Job emerged in January. I got to visit Louisiana for a conference in March, then another one in my home city. Summer ended with a spectacular family reunion, two more conferences and a trip to Miami to see my adorable father-in-law and his lovely companion. My husband has a new pasta maker, which means more deliciousness on my plate. Best of all, my family is reasonably healthy and sound.

Goals for the year:

An easy one: Be a good wife.

I will push myself a little harderĀ  and avoid bingeing on Vanderpump Rules. People who work hard go places. Then again, I have to do the right kind of work. Sometimes working harder in the usual areas slows one down in more important ones.

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