2016–The Year of No Fear

10408509_1452102735049184_7143387598584098629_nIt was an ordinary moment, me talking to my boss about my conferences for next year, all of which involved flying (my not favorite activity even though I do it often). I love conferences, and yet, getting myself out the door on Travel Day can be pure drudgery.* Knowing my shaky relationship with flight, my boss asked if it was okay, my going. I said, “2016 is my year of no fear.” Who knows where that sentence came from, but it is sticking in my head, especially with what’s been in the news. Right this instant, I really can’t imagine going anywhere. So much bad stuff is happening out there. Let’s all stay inside.

I imagine many feel this way right now, but there are gifts you only get when you leave your house.  A few days ago, I was supposed to go to a party then bailed at the last minute. You really should go, I thought. A little into the party, I got a text from my husband, who holds a doctorate in Patience-ology. It was a selfie of him and my beloved high school Latin teacher partying down. Sam said, “You still have time.” Faster than you can say semper ubi sub ubi, I threw on clothes and got my butt to the party. The best part was precious time with my teacher.

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