Holiday Wishes for The United States of Patience

Happy HoEmpireStateNightlidays to all! I’m not sure why I’m in a good mood (premature senility) — but perhaps the spirit of the season has finally struck. Or it’s the egg nog. One thing that never changes is that this is the time of year when my lists multiply: Who gets what presents, cards, my resolutions, work issues to handle during the break. Because I like to plan ahead, I’ve written out goals for my different roles in life. If I post these, I might keep to them!


General Me

Stay healthy.
Make Sam happy.
Don’t worry so much.
Get butt to the gym. Even if the hip cool music is too loud and they don’t have the big TV set to The Young & the Restless.
Go places. There’s nothing new to learn on the couch.*
Be social again.

Writer Me

Write every day.
Don’t talk too much about it, just finish.
Now that bitterness over Matt Damon/Ben Affleck winning an Oscar for writing is gone, stay focused on process rather than outcome.
Become a better self-promoter, even if shy.
The Candy Crush game will still be there.

Editor Me

Concentrate hard on the manuscript no matter what shapes it’s in.
Follow instincts on a story. Don’t let something fishy just pass through.
Stay aware of book and movie trends.
There are so many emails. Just answer them.
Be more of an editor who tweets–and funny things even if it takes hours to be hilarious.

Fangirl Me

If you have an opportunity to see a celebrity, do it.
Then tell everyone about it.*
Obsessing about The Bachelor and the Kardashians is who you are. Own it.
You can still read Anna Karenina.
After People and US Magazine.

I hope you and your families are enjoying this good hibernating weather.

*But couch is refreshing.
*I just found out a celebrity read my book! But I am still shaking cool about it.