Romantic Life Lessons

My Duran Duran Happiness Jar

A couple years ago, I read about Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea to write down one happy part of your day and put it in a jar. I loved the idea so much that I found my ideal vessel and started doing just that. It was fun to remember what I’d done and thephoton mark it down. I admit, this jar has been neglected for most of this year–either too much work, or too many crabby days. It was an up year in that my book came out, a rough one with personal and work issues. Nothing too awful, but nothing to make me go yay (aside from the book)! Perhaps I should have started a gratitude journal: I’m grateful to breathe or I’m grateful that I married a great guy. To me, this seems obvious. I’ll come around someday on that. For now, I like writing little things that made my day on a slip of paper (I use sparkly pen), then putting it in the Duran Duran vessel.

Last night, Halloween, after months of Happiness Jar neglect, I finally put one in: At the end of the day, I realized it was Halloween, a holiday I love, and I’d forgotten because I was working nonstop. I went to take out the trash and this gorgeous, friendly black cat came right to me from my neighbor’s door and introduced herself. We played a little and I felt as if I’d been blessed by a magical creature. I said goodbye to kitty and thanked whoever sent her to me.

1 thought on “My Duran Duran Happiness Jar”

  1. I have much the same problem–too busy running, too many small irritations…I do say “thank you every night at bedtime for specifics, but I should probably write them down and put them in a happiness jar. On the bright side, I have a black cat who sleeps by my head every night. That makes me happy indeed. Happy Halloween!

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