Paperback Cover Reveal for Romance Is My Day Job!

blogWhile writing Romance Is My Day Job, I didn’t think about the cover until the last minute. How could a cover possibly reflect my life? Maybe it would be a cartoon redhead sipping martinis while reading a romance. I’ve never had a martini but it seems like a cool drink. Or there could be an all-white background with a blue wedding dress. An explosion of hearts and lingerie–or a glitzy shoe all by itself! Beyond this, I hadn’t a clue, so I loved what Dutton’s art department came up with for the hardcover version. It captures the spirit of me and my story.

Now I’m blown away by how much I also love the paperback version with its colors and vintage romance art. This stack of books is what my apartment looks like, i.e. all books, not a whole lot of shelf space, some tomes floating in perfect piles like this. The black background resembles the blackness of our view (though if I use periscope I might be able to spot alleged neighbor Cameron Diaz, who is like the sun).

I love it, I love it, I love it.

Ps. Paperback is out January 27, 2015.