466DA44A-332F-49CB-994F-247CF47FB7A3_w640_r1_sI was nervous about going to work today since it’s two blocks from Ground Zero and the President just announced airstrikes overseas. It’s understandable that New Yorkers would be nervous nellies operating so close to where we witnessed unimaginable horror. Thirteen years ago, I was walking to work, thinking about my future. Should I stay in publishing or do something else? The night before, I’d done a tarot reading for myself and pulled “The Tower” card, thinking it would mean a whopper of a change for myself. It turned out to be a massive change for the world.

At work that day, somewhere around 8:40ish, I was photocopying a manuscript, and someone told me about the first plane flying into the World Trade Center–and then the falling towers. How could that be? We were just there for our holiday party. My colleagues and I saw the atrocities from a window about three miles up from hell. We all went home and stayed home for a while.

Thirteen years is a long time. Many are still hyper-vigilant and living in fear, including myself. I was afraid this morning. Then I remembered all those who died on 9/11 and that, likely, there’d be plenty of nervous people like me at work and on the subways, remembering, not wanting to remember, reminiscing about how life has changed. Maybe others want to pretend the heartbreak isn’t there. Whatever the case is for those who found themselves in our dear city, the anxious and heart-broken helped this fidgety girl get through the day.

You are never alone.


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