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What I Did This Summer

This is what suSlippers at jettymmer should be. Maybe I could have arranged this, but it’s a little late. Besides, shouldn’t every day be like Danny and Sandy on the beach?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked summer that much. It may be ice cream truck time, shorts weather, my birthday season, but in New York, it’s sticky, humid and the streets smell like dog pee or barf. Air conditioning is necessary for maximum comfort — and in our room, that air has the faint odor of mildew (the super explained why this is normal). I spend the three months wheezing slightly, seeking one air-conditioned place after the next. It’s also the season when my husband has a work hiatus so I am seething with envy as he kicks back and takes a third nap. On a positive note, I like the sun. It adds cheer to the sweat. Plus, a gelato place opened right down the street. Sam gets his “gym recovery drink” there. I don’t need recovery–just scoops of pistachio in an overpriced cup.

This summer began with me working on a new writing project, thinking of a vacation, visiting with family, and preparing for the RWA conference. It’s often a busier season because writers turn in their manuscripts over the summer, right before or after the conference. The flood is as powerful as the one that occurs at the end of the year. I totally get it, and it helps take my mind off of sweating and wheezing.

In June, we went to Florida for a special graduation. But just as we were returning home, a serious accident befell a dear relative, the kind of accident that could have ended very badly. Thank goodness, it didn’t. Even though this misfortune didn’t happen to me, it sent me into a deep hibernation of sorts — little desire for Facebook, blogging, picking up the phone–and a lot of spaciness, cancel-itis and worry. I haven’t had a whole lot to say these last few months.

July brought a change of gyms, my birthday, and R10501667_1456525514606906_3763020340338753968_nWA. The conference in San Antonio was a real boost (except for being trapped for 90 minutes underground on the train to JFK), especially dancing to “Blurred Lines” with Christian romance writers at a party. The mood felt especially upbeat this year, kind of surprising given how unpredictable/tumultuous the year has been in publishing. I guess people just need to blow off steam. Whatever the case, I loved it.

August has been a little quieter, gearing up for the academic year and work events. In addition to watching many suspenseful movies, we took a super moon selfie. No real Danny and Sandy vacation for us this summer, but after much psychological warfare with cute cat videos, complaining, and bargaining, my husband agreed to our getting a kitten. Stay tuned for pictures. I have the name all picked out–unless little ____ _____ _____ doesn’t respond to it. Now I just have to find him.

I hope your summers have been relaxing, fun, and exactly what you wanted.

7 thoughts on “What I Did This Summer”

  1. Kitten!!!!! (Sorry, I had to get that out of the way first.) I didn’t get a vacation this year either, although I rarely do. But I get a book release in a couple of weeks–that’s almost the same thing, right? And I plan to go to RWA in NYC next year, so we will FINALLY get to meet in person! I hope your relative is doing better.

    1. Deborah! I’m so happy you’ll be in NYC. A face-to-face is long overdue. The relative is doing much better, a real trooper. Now I’m looking to add kitty to the family.

      Congratulations on the book–I just pre-ordered it. 🙂

  2. Yay! That’s one sold, then 🙂

    And yes, a face-to-face is long overdue. Ironically, I was in NYC the last time RWA was there…but for some reason, it never occurred to me to try and track you down. *slaps head*

    And I can’t wait for kitten pictures. KITTEN! (Sorry, I get excited.)

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