Looking for Topics

I’m toying with the idea of a live chat of some sort–with video!–either having to do with Romance Is My Day Job and/or romance writing in general. I’d love for any suggestions for topics, especially for those wanting to write romance novels or those who love reading them. Maybe if this goes well, I might do more than one.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

12 thoughts on “Looking for Topics”

  1. As an enthusiastic romance reader – did I say enthusiastic, maybe ‘rapid’ would be better! I’d like to hear about the romance industry – What does an editor look for in a new writer’s manuscript. Are there trends that are really ‘hot’ right now? How does a book get ‘sold’? Who picks the cover art? And why? I would, also, like to hear about writing a memoir. How did you decide what goes in and what stays out? What about other people you wrote about – did you chat with them first or just let them find out about the book when it hit the stores? I know memoirs have gotten a bad rap in the last few years (think Oprah and James Frey) so some critics sort of shun them saying they are not a true voice- I think that’s how I remember the quote- but I happen to love reading memoirs – but second to romance novels! Memoirs really open up a window into someone else’s life for me and I can experience it from my comfy living room chair

    So, anyway, not sure if my ‘ramblings’ answer your question, but I do enjoy your blog and I so enjoyed reading your book, I felt I must through my hat in the ring, too.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Janna, All “ramblings” are good! These are great topics for me to cover. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

  2. hi Patience – I love your book and hope some day to get you to autograph it. I would like to know just how far into a proposal the editors read before saying yes or no. How important is the first page versus the synopsis. And for someone that has submitted for years, should they change their name to get a better looksy?

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Mary Jane! I’d love to autograph your book. Maybe at a conference or if I do a reading in your neck of the woods. A good question–how far does the editor read. I can even answer your questions in a post.

  3. This doesn’t necessarily fall into either category, but I’d love to hear more advice for others interested in editing romance. Even if it isn’t a large enough topic for a live feed, it would still be great to get tips on the best ways to go about breaking into the field and such.

  4. Hi, Patience! I’d be interested to hear an insider’s opinion on e-readers and romance novels. Digital reading has really changed the consumer experience for romance reading. What is your take on it as an editor? How have your writers–especially the long-term ones–approached and/or adjusted to the large e-market for the romance genre?

    1. My quick answer is that I’m a hybrid editor, though my preference is paper. I can talk broadly on this topic and will mull it over a bit. Food for thought!

  5. If you’re still open to topic ideas, here is what came to mind:
    Common mistakes made by unpublished writers
    Cliches in romance
    Books you’ve read that really nail it on certain qualities (ex. Pacing, non-cliche ending, etc.)
    Tips for building career rather than selling a book

    Love your posts! Keep ‘me coming.

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