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The Birthday Wish Candle

Do you keep things? I cerphoto (37)tainly do. It’s a little much. I keep a penny from every year I’ve been on this earth. I’ve saved the embarrassing diaries, sentimental poetry, pictures from every cringeworthy phase, and, yes, all my ticket stubs from Jersey Boys. I still have the shoes I wore all over France in the 80s–they fit but are more a museum piece–and I can’t seem to throw away the notes Sam leaves me, even if they’re scrawled on Post-its. When I clean, I go through these items and cherish fond memories…and my clutter grows.

Speaking of clutter and fond memories, in my book, I describe a birthday wish made during a moment of jadedness. At 41, I had decided to stop dating–but perhaps amp up my romance reading pace. Real-life dating just wasn’t fun anymore. I was dead tired after twenty-five years of dating and heartbreak. Of course, this was when I dared myself to jump even though I was afraid of heights. My birthday wish was that I’d wind up engaged within a year. Talk about fantasy-land! The idea of my settling down seemed ludicrous so I felt comfortable making this wish. Of course, I pocketed the candle then went about my business. As a single gal, I had found the path to Happy–in my own moody way–but what transpired three weeks after the birthday wish only broadened the scope of that happiness. I’m incredibly grateful Sam showed up.

During my spring cleaning–and a little sentimental journey through my wedding album–I found said candle taped inside with a note to myself. I’m learning to let go of some items (like my ticket stub to Anchorman 2), but I’m really glad I kept this candle!


Ps. Up until last year, I’d kept all my baby and wisdom teeth, but Sam happened upon them and they’re now gone. (I think)

5 thoughts on “The Birthday Wish Candle”

  1. Too funny! My 44th birthday is next week and I’m personally ready to swear off men completely, throw my hair in a bun, adopt fifty cats and learn to knit my butt off. So tired of only getting hit on by guys half my age looking for a cougar experience or dating emotionally-stunted 40-somethings who aren’t looking for anything much different than their young peers. I don’t even want to think about the 50+ crowd all looking to land a “young pretty thing.” Blech! I’d just like to meet a normal guy my age who doesn’t look like he gave up on himself twenty years ago, but have just about given up hope.

    You’re saying there’s light at the end of the tunnel, are you? Maybe I need to find one of those magic birthday candles, too.

    1. Happy early 44th birthday, DeLola! There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a firm believer of this now. I hope you have a spectacular year with fun surprises! And there’s nothing wrong with cats and knitting. 🙂

  2. If you find a box, can I have one too? (And I’m so glad your candle worked, Patience. I try not to keep too many things, but that one is worth hanging on to.)

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