Conferencing Weekend

photo (35)I always have mixed feelings when leaving my couch, but the part of my brain that governs good choices knows that a change of scenery usually brings cheeriness. My quick visit to the Washington Romance Writers Retreat did not disappoint! In fact, it was just what the doctor ordered after a long winter indoors. The carbo-loading buffet alone chased away those weather blues. I got to meet colleagues I’d admired from afar, talk a little about what I do, quietly worship some of my favorite writers and listen to some impressive pitches. Llliana Hart and Robin Perini gave inspirational speeches about their journeys to publication. And, as usual, I talked the ear off of bestselling author Mary Burton, one of my all-time faves to read and hang out with–and she’s always very patient with my rambling*. This is such a great conference. If you ever want a weekend packed with workshops, friendship, and a little hedonism (what happens at the Best Western stays at the Best Western), this is a great retreat.  Lastly, there’s a Waterworld pinball machine in the vending machine room at the hotel. What more could you ask for?

And now it’s back to reality–editing a book FAST.

*She has a new book out. Go buy it!

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