Using or Losing Vacation Days

Woman in swimming poolMost years, I use up my vacation days by December 31st. This past year, I economized and saved five days for this year. Sadly, I don’t travel much because I’m lazy, destination vacations are expensive, not always a vacation, my husband has different scheduling needs, and I need to work up to a trip psychologically. Since I had to use up my extra week by the end of the month, I found myself in a rare position (don’t hate me) of needing to take days before they disappeared. I didn’t realize this until the last minute–sort of like forgetting to eat lunch. These last 2 and 1/2 days I’ve been “stay-cationing” but still doing what I usually do — editing, checking email, updating my lists. It’s tempting to post pictures of an editor’s exotic time off: reading More magazine, staring at the face serums I’ve amassed in the last year, my FitBit data, and screen-grabs of my web-surfing (TMZ, DListed, Anthropologie). Because my work/life situation is often unbalanced, I forced myself to step away from the computer this afternoon. I did the dishes, made the bed, ironed everything, caught up on Scandal (who knew Scott Foley could be so mean?). Now it’s the weekend.

I’m still not sure what to do. This is why people go away for vacation.

1 thought on “Using or Losing Vacation Days”

  1. What’s a vacation? 🙂
    I guess being an editor and reading for a living means that sitting on the couch and reading doesn’t really feel like a day off. How about a day at a museum or the Botanical Gardens or something?

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