Romantic Life Lessons

Let’s Be Happy

iStock_000016870614SmallThis has been a rough year for many people and it’s only March. I’m spending a lot of time wallowing in sorrow that isn’t directly mine–the missing Malaysian flight, L’Wren Scott’s suicide, whatever is happening in Ukraine, the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the baby gorilla who’s taken a turn for the worst. While I count my blessings–my family, friends, and having my first book published–this long winter has been  gloomy the last few weeks.

In my own life, I’ve decided to take action with small deeds, at least until the end of the month to perk myself up. My willpower may not last, but I’ll be doing something positive instead of weeping at CNN:

1. Watching this always helps makes me smile. He makes everyone smile–it’s cliché!

2. Instead of following the housewives (it might be too late for me to stop), I’ll spend more time with actual friends face-to-face.

3. Will seriously consider turning lifelong avoidance of Bono into appreciation of a band’s immense talent. Just because I hate the sunglasses and that he weirdly got on his knees during his song at the Oscars, doesn’t mean I can’t learn to love U2. They are kind of great and it’s the law.

4. Give up daily intake of pie/cake/cookies for a few days–yes, even ginger ale and Sprite. Sugar is so last century tho delicious.

5. Stop nagging husband about things that don’t matter. Who is this person who gripes about stupid stuff?

6. Avoid number crunching unless I can pass it off to someone else. That’s just common sense.

7. Watching this helps, too.

8. Never give up chance to see a beloved superstar in person, even if you’re not into crowds and don’t often venture to the UES of Manhattan.

9. Doesn’t this dog help a little? (Sam–please can we get a pet?)

9. When in doubt, read a book.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Happy”

  1. It has been rough. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends taking the occasional 5 (?) week new fast, and avoiding watching the news. It’s amazing how much better you feel.

    But yes, dogs help. Sam.

  2. I might have to do that–avoid all the negative TV and just read. Hope you’re enjoying spring so far, Deborah, especially with the book coming out!

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