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Thursdays Pet Peeves

?????????????????????I’m guilty of ending sentences with prepositions. I sometimes use “hopefully” wrong. Maybe I say, “I feel bad” instead of “I feel badly.” Even worse, just recently, I said “absolutely” in an interview (an overused answer, though absolutely viable–just a pet peeve). But here, I will give just a few pet peeves I’ve encountered in the last week–things that made me go grrrrr:

I’d of instead of I’d have. Example: I’d of thought he’d buy me that ice cream. How lazy is that? I know the brain doesn’t always coordinate with the fingers. They type what they sense from those crafty synapses, but this one frightens me. It sounds right!

Nonplussed means confused, not indifferent. Grrrr. She was so nonplussed when Justin Bieber knocked on her door (I’d be indifferent–and confused).

Aspiration vs. inspiration. Zac Effron–though I loved him–mixed up these two at the Oscars. As he said the wrong word, I couldn’t contemplate the future of America without despair. Presenters need to educate themselves just a touch more (Hello, John Travolta). Having trouble breathing/goal to shoot for is not the same as motivation/guiding force. Maybe he’ll learn, or we all will start using aspiration incorrectly.

The apostrophe doesn’t automatically make something plural. You don’t need it just because the word looks uncomfortable without it. Incorrect use of apostrophe makes me cry. I can’t even think of an example because I don’t want to, but I see it in a manuscript at least once every few days.

And now, after this brain burst, I return to House of Cards.


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