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Losing Track of Time

Infinity time spiralI’m starting to say things and act the way I’d see “old” people (you know, people, like, in their 40s) do decades ago, but it feels like common sense (and old). On the way to work, I wrap myself up to stay warm. In my twenties, I avoided hats since they’d mess up my hair. In addition to wearing sensible shoes, I watch where I walk for fear of tripping; bones are not so resilient (I’ve never broken one–knock knock knock). A tub of vitamins follows me from meal to meal, though I’m not sure they’re so necessary. I take them anyway and so does Sam*. The memory is fading just a touch, which is why I write and overwrite things down. I think about eating vegetables, too–which are not my go-to anything.

As for time, it’s slipping away and becoming less important. I think I blogged, or maybe that was yesterday. I can’t make sense of the dates on this blog either, but I did accomplish a great deal today–worked at my desk for 8 hours (7.40), ran off to appointments, one of which was as a guest at a fun class on publishing and an engaging interview with Bill Kenower’s Author2Author program for Author magazine. Somehow, I managed to watch last night’s “The Women Tell All” on The Bachelor**. That’s enough inventory for me.

And now to cleanse my palate, I’m mainlining Piers Morgan’s coverage on the strife in Ukraine (not THE Ukraine, officially). My parents and grandparents always retreated in this fashion….

*He likes to torment me about taking Zinc on an empty stomach. Vitamin taker, you know what can happen if you do this. Trust me, our household (by “household” I mean Sam) has tested this out. If you’ve read my book, you understand that this is completely in character.

**I don’t think this season will end well. Juan Pablo is a cutie, but doesn’t seem to be gaga for anyone or ready to settle down. But who am I to say?


2 thoughts on “Losing Track of Time”

  1. I have nothing to comment or add except… that spiral clock pic is cool. And gives me the wigs… for some reason I refuse to examine 😀

    (Oh, and I take vitamins like they’re snack food too. I’ve no idea if it accomplishes anything.)

  2. I felt the same way about the pic, which was why I chose it. I’m not a fan of taking vitamins but the fear of not being healthy compels me to take them. Maybe we’ll never know if they work?

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