Shameless Promotion

Looking Forward to a Lost Weekend

photo (25)My more fun and better half is away for a boys’ weekend, which will no doubt resemble Animal House and Old School (please let there be embarrassing pictures). It makes me sad when he goes, but within minutes, I am horizontal on the couch, indulging in nerdy girl hibernation and catching up on my stories, especially last night’s Scandal. Speaking of which, can anyone name the actor from last night’s episode, the one who makes an appearance in Romance Is My Day Job?

And now back to the items in this picture. Any guesses where I got this DVD of The King’s Speech? It isn’t mine.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to a Lost Weekend”

  1. Love your picks but why didn’t you see these films? How will you be able to continuing writing about life as films stories? More work needed.

  2. I’m not sure why I didn’t see any of these movies. Um, maybe because I was WRITING? No, that’s not an excuse. Most of the picks came out long after I handed in my tome.

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