Addicted to Lists–and Disaster Movies

china_syndrome_1797989bEither Buzzfeed has taken over my FB newsfeed or we’ve all become addicted to quizzes and lists–myself included. Lists eliminate the tedium of reading an entire paragraph. You get the juiciest info distilled into succinct phrases. This is why Powerpoint is fantastic, too. No elaboration or rambling here. Complete sentences? That is so last century. While I do like rambling prose now and then, I jumped at the chance to do lists for various outlets for Romance Is My Day Job. Here are a few:

Huffington Post

Shelf Pleasure

Penguin USA Blog

I might have more coming. Here’s my super-exciting list of chores for this weekend:

  • Try new impulse purchases: a yoga and walking DVD (no self-shaming after I remember I never do exercise DVDs but just keep buying them)
  • Watch China Syndrome (see if I can recreate Jane Fonda’s hair)
  • Finish line edit, but avoid sending to author until Monday
  • Go to Apple Store to get a new battery for my keyboard, be told I need to make a reservation first. Storm off.
  • Pretend to be busy so that laundry gets done magically by someone else (I’m better at folding)

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