A Day Where I Did Nothing on My To Do List

postitEach day, I make a list of items I must accomplish. In the office, with good intentions, I wound up avoiding my list and I put the blame squarely on Mercury in Retrograde (right?). First, I walked in to see a bag of Valentine’s chocolates from my employer. Talk about sweet sabotage! I ate three pieces  immediately. I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t plan every minute, she says through her sugar fog.

Though I didn’t edit 10 pages of one book (due in two weeks) or 50 pages of another (due in a month), I am down to 5 emails in my inbox. Here’s what the chocolate made me do, as well:

File 4 months’ worth of papers (I keep everything). Read a manuscript. Start another one. Attend 2 meetings. Rewrite some copy. More copy. And lose my cell phone somewhere in my shoe drawer (I think).

In today’s shameless book promotion:

I got to contribute to Marshal Zeringue’s wonderful blog, which asks my casting choices for the movie version of my book (this is dreamland). My family and I did have a blast coming up with a cast for some of the characters. We’re still mentally picking who would play my in-laws.

And just when I thought things had quieted down, the Associated Press reviewed my book! My mother has been tracking it and sending me updates. We love AP!


2 thoughts on “A Day Where I Did Nothing on My To Do List”

  1. I wonder about lists–if they’re self-defeating. But I keep them because I don’t want to forget anything. Then I’ll forget to check the list!

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