A Very Bloom Valentine

photo (13)Valentine’s Day can be a sore subject, and I went through periods of hating the day. It’s not a holiday I am eager to experience, though at work, it’s a spectacle of chocolate. Over time, I’ve learned to think of it as an appreciation of love.

My first Valentine’s Day with Sam, I didn’t know what to expect. We were already happy. Maybe I hinted that VD was a nice day for coupledom. All I remember is that at 6am on the day itself, he ran out the door and came back with the Duane Reade special of fake rose petals and candle set. Ta da! He’d forgotten all about Hearts Day. I laughed so hard–not a big deal since how can you complain when someone is nice to you every day? The next year, he brought me home a “Cupid launcher” which I keep safe since there are middle-aged children in the house. We spent much of that evening shooting little plastic Cupids around the living room. Last year, I received a Duane Reade elephant wearing an orange yarmulke (a Sam touch).

But this year takes the cake. A GIANT DOG that is almost the size of chair. I reciprocated with a medium-sized tiger, flashing Disney glass, and heart soap. It’s officially tradition that Valentine’s Day is about the crap at Duane Reade.1799061_10152199077114449_1332827383_o

I hope you enjoyed this day, however you spent it.


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