Last Night’s Reading at B&N

1796701_10151973858568520_1844990301_nWhat a trip! For months, I’d been looking forward to my first reading of Romance Is My Day Job and the day finally arrived. Oddly enough, I felt pretty great rather than super nervous. Monkey Mind might have done some whispering in my ear (you’re going to get fear-paralysis 10 minutes before, that stomach flu–it’s going to hit you right in the middle of your reading) but I ignored it because, hey, I’m 45. All went well, I enjoyed every minute: going to B&N, seeing my face on a sign for a reading, navigating the carpet in my stilettos, watching my friends/relatives come up the escalator, noticing the former headmaster of my high school (how intimidating is that) in the second row, seeing my mother in the first row (did I mention she’s in front of audiences ALL THE TIME?), getting the sudden urge to impulse purchase jigsaw puzzles three minutes before the reading, and the massive contingent of buddies from work.

At the end, I got to meet a whole lot of nice people and see familiar faces. My only brain-freeze came when I had to sign books. What do you say? I love you, where did you get that sweater, thank you for reading my book, do you like Shahs of Sunset too? I did what I could, but I’ll say to those who received signed books, I deeply appreciate your being there. I enjoyed talking with you. It was a little like my wedding where I spoke with no one for more than two minutes–though that chunk of time was lovely.

I could totally do this again!

And now, withdrawal and back to work, which means editing.

PS: Does anyone notice my staple for meetings?

(photo taken by my BFF Nici, who is in the book)


8 thoughts on “Last Night’s Reading at B&N”

    1. Yes, I remember you, Karen. 🙂 It was so nice to meet you–and as I said, I wish I could have chatted for longer. Hope you enjoy the book!

  1. The whole evening was joyful and entertaining. I can tell that your readers will soon be enthusiastically competing for my spot as #1 Patience Fan, but I am ready to hold my ground! (Of course, I am certainly game to start a fan club…)

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