Hooked on Nashville, Can’t Stop Watching

connie_britton_nashvilleI should be focusing 100% on work and my book, but I’ve become obsessed with Nashville. Can this be considered research? Yes. And here’s why:

1. Rayna James (played by the luminous Connie Britton) knows how to perform no matter what happens to her, even with damaged vocal chords, divorce, love gone bad, who’s the daddy, and daddy issues. Not only that, but she has amazing hair. She is a timeless heroine.

2. Many romance novels delve into communities we want to know more about: small towns, lucrative industries, international settings, military families, vineyards, the office, school. Nashville is all about the drama of country music (I don’t care if it’s an accurate depiction–I love it).

3. I’m noting how the show deals with serious issues such as infidelity, alcoholism, identity crises, lost love, and how well Rayna carries off her smoky eyeshadows.

4. There is so much conflict. Just when I get used to one true-blue couple, they break up! I’m only on Season 2, but I’m counting the minutes until Scarlet and Gunnar get back together (don’t tell me if they do or not). It’s no wonder I read romance novels. From episode to episode, I have to recalibrate and deal with a new set of troubles for these characters.

5. Maybe the pacing is just so good. Pacing is an important component in romance novels. You want to devour them, right?

And now, I’m trying to find a reason why I shouldn’t go on to the next episode since it is so educational. This is my confession…



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