A Word from Dr. Bloom

untitled6Patience has bestowed upon me the honor and privilege of writing a post to her blog tonight.  The excitement surrounding her book’s appearance on shelves has been titillating for both of us.  I’m biased and cannot really give an objective view of the book because I am the author’s husband and a “character,” in all of this term’s meanings, in her candid memoir.  Racking my brain for an approach to an entry, I thought that it might be of some interest to treat the following question: How does the “hero” read the story of and by the love of his life?  Well, first he skips the parts about the other guys about whom he has mostly heard everything, and he immediately skips to the parts about himself.  Weeks before the book comes out, he reads the cross-section of Penelope’s other suitors (lest there’s any confusion, it’s a classical allusion; I never mistake Patience for Prudence either).   Oddly, rather than enrage our hero, these anecdotes helped complete the picture.  In terms of his own portrayal, our hero is both flattered and mortified, qualifiers that attest to the author’s talent and authenticity.   What more can our hero say other than that he is immensely proud of his heroine!


5 thoughts on “A Word from Dr. Bloom”

  1. Dr. Bloom, spoken with the utmost eloquence and charm. Some men might find it difficult to be the center of such attention but you seem to wear the role of hero quite comfortably. Not many are blessed to encounter a knight or prince outside the pages of fantasy, so you’ll have to forgive the fact that I’ve fallen in love with your story. Of course, having my own hero allowed me to recognize the authenticity seen here. Beautiful…

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