Today’s Candid Reader

This is my frphoto (9)iend Tash, one of the characters in my book and here taking a quick reading break from her glamorous ski vacation. We’ve been buddies since 1993 when I lived in New Mexico. She’s the one who throws great parties with Tiki torches; wants to help you have a blast; has a laugh that can be heard for miles; loves to run out for spontaneous Thai food takeout; and has the sunniest can-do attitude. Really, I love her to pieces and she’s a great friend.

All hail Natasha!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Candid Reader”

  1. Laughter and Tiki Torches? What a combo! A virtual character from your book to personalize the anticipated reading experience. Very nice. Cannot wait. Did someone mention Thai?

  2. Every Wednesday night was Thai night. 90210 and Thai at Pay’s house. We ordered so much takeout that the phone number is forever in my brain: Bangkok Cafe 505-255-5036. As for Tiki torches–why they make everything far more fun!

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