Shameless Promotion

Romance Is My Day Job Launch Eve-Eve

Thank goodness I have an emergency edit to do, otherwise, I might be in a bigger daze. In less than 48 hours, my book will be on the shelves! It’s almost as surreal as the idea of my walking down the aisle at my own wedding. I’ll enjoy every second of this, just as I did when I got hitched. Stay tuned for pics of my journey to the bookstore and saying hey to the book on the shelves. But first, I need to buckle down and grind through 300 pages of romance–a godsend of a distraction.

My first appearance happened last night when, along with three other authors, I read my essay from Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them at Lady Jane’s Salon’s fifth anniversary. It was my first time at the salon and what fun it was! If you go to @scribblingwomen, you can see tweets from the event. Thank you, Hope Tarr, for creating this project and event!

Next up is my guest spot at Reddit’s Ask Me Anything tomorrow from 11-1pm. I know I’ll get these kinds of questions so let me prepare my answers here:


Food: potatoes, steak, cake

Drink: anything bubbly–Sprite, seltzer, Prosecco

Candy bar: SnickersMaid-in-Manhattan-001

Ice cream: pistachio

Movie from the last five years: The Lives of Others

Romantic comedy: Maid in Manhattan The Philadelphia Story

TV show as of right now: Nashville (Thanks, Dana C.–I’m officially addicted, where can I get Connie Britton’s hair?)

Romantic comedy hero: a toss-up between Paul Rudd and the obvious Colin Firth

Guiltiest pleasure these days: The Bachelor (What actually happened between JP and Claire last night?)


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