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Duran Duran Brings People Together

Duran-DuranThis was how I met Melissa: Over the last few years, I’d been commenting on the Facebook status updates of our mutual friend/also my colleague Susan, who told me Melissa lurves DD as much as I do. Any Duran Duran comments, I’d “like” immediately and so would Melissa. I’m always happy to bond with a fellow Duranie and was delighted to meet Melissa in person last year. What a sweetheart she is! Now that we’re Facebook friends, I get to follow her healthy routine, which often gets me on the treadmill and reliving my 80s playlist. She also has this highly enjoyable blog about fitness, women triumphing, and her personal views on a variety of topics. This Friday, she’s put me in her fabulous blog.

And now we just need to see Duran Duran in concert together. That would complete me.

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