What Do Editing Romance and Caroline Ingalls Have in Common?

CarolineingallsToday was one of those days where no task was too urgent (only semi-urgent) and so I found myself with a free half hour. Because I work on several projects at once, I need to keep moving. The storm is coming soon. Once I blink, I’ll suddenly have five books to read, three more to turn in to production, and fifty emails to answer. In fact, the process of editing romance reminds me of Little House on the Prairie–where even if you finish your chores, you could be sweeping the floor again, helping Pa feed the horses, and kicking Half-Pint’s butt to finish her homework.

But since I turned in a few projects, I figure a half hour is a half hour, and it’s mine. I’ve already walked the halls, unintentionally eavesdropped, shredded documents just because it’s my favorite thing, and downloaded manuscripts onto my iPad (saving paper). Now, I’ve used up my half hour, reminded myself of LHotP and will need to rewatch every episode when I get home. Can you tell I didn’t have much to write about today?

Except for this shameless self-promotion: I used to spend my allowance on Good Housekeeping (and candy) when I was 10. I loved the idea of keeping a home clean, cooking, and crafting, so Good Housekeeping filled my reading needs. I also loved the true stories of women overcoming obstacles. And now, GH let me contribute a post for them. Check it out here.


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