Library Journal, I Think I’m in Love

9780525954385_medium_Romance_Is_My_Day_JobLibrary Journal

★ 02/01/2014
The beautiful irony of the title says it all—erudite romance editor by day, lonely girl by night. Bloom (editor, Harlequin) offers the American, real, and highly relatable version of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones. A lovably quirky narrator and an abundance of self-deprecating humor give this book the appeal of a good New York-girl-in-publishing chick lit title that’s bound to be consumed in great gulps. That said, this is a very well-packaged and well-written memoir, containing a great deal of substance. Bloom doesn’t gloss over the seriousness that underpins her experience, but she folds it into a larger tale to tell a phenomenal story—not of a fabulously flawless twentysomething but rather the warts-and-all saga of a woman approaching middle age who’s been fruitlessly searching for love as long as she can remember and whose story has (how could it not?) a happy ending. VERDICT Readers who are appalled at the demise of Fielding’s Mark Darcy, snap this up. It will ease your pain. Highly recommended for romantics of all stripes.—Audrey Snowden, Orrington P.L., ME

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