What’s On TV?

After going 100 mph, the first thing I do is switch on TV. When my husband’s around, I click on CNN and iron our clothes–this makes me appear virtuous. Plus, because I’m a certain age, I do like the news. Sam also loves American Horror Story: Coven (love the cast, concept, but it’s gone off the rails) and The Shahs of Sunset (we love Reza).  If I’m alone and without interruption, I’ll do a marathon of Housewives (BH, OC, NYC), The Bachelor, Criminal Minds, Vanderpump Rules (I’m not sure I like anyone except Lisa, but does that stop me?), Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Every few months, I do a TV fast and the time might be now. Oh wait, but not before I download The Newsroom.

What shows are you watching this season? Well, maybe I shouldn’t ask since that might make me watch more TV. But it’s for research, right?

8 thoughts on “What’s On TV?”

  1. I’m blissed out over the arrival of the new season of the BBC Sherlock at the moment. (I also watch the American version too.) The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh, and I am addicted to cooking shows where Gordon Ramsey yells at people, don’t ask me why. Also NCIS, The Mentalist (although it has gone off the rails and I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it). Dr. Who, of course. Yes, I’m a geek, why do you ask?

    1. I want to watch BBC Sherlock. Everyone is so into it! I can’t stand the pressure. I liked The Mentalist but too many other shows. I’ve never watched Dr. Who and that’s another one everyone is watching! Of course, Mark Harmon is a god.

  2. Castle (love Nathan Fillion in anything), Nashville (Deacon and Avery…yum) and Scandal (Olivia and Fitz…what chemistry) in new seasons. NCIS (gotta love Mark Harmon) and Law & Order: SVU (Olivia Benson is my favorite cop character ever) forever in reruns!

    1. Dana, now I really want to watch Nashville. I saw the first episode, loved it and never watched the next. So much to catch up on. Olivia Benson is amazing. I saw her in Soho once, just walking around with her husband and she just seemed like a happy person.

      1. Yes, check out Nashville. So many stories and personalities and opportunities for character growth. And I’ve loved watching Jonathan Jackson since he played Lucky on General Hospital when he was a little boy and was in the movie, “The Deep End of the Ocean.”

  3. Sherlock and Dr. Who are good. So is the American Elementary – I totally understand why he was Mr. Angelina Jolie #1. I have surprised myself by watching American Horror Story: Coven, becuase scary shows scare me. Yes, yes it has gone off the rails I have not managed to watch the first episode of Walking Dead despite trying twice (I have been told the secret is to fast forward thru the zombie violence). The Good Wife is amazing this year — and has been good from the start. Talk about a premise that did not appeal to me but has worked since episode 2, season 1. (I am not sure if I ever watched episode 1 because of my dislike of the premise.) Fast forward tip: If you fast forward all the Wickham scenes in the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice you can cut out a good hour. That Wickham was miscast in an otherwise flawlessly cast production.

  4. Malle, I agree completely re: Coven and Walking Dead. Could not get into WD, but I’m told it gets better. Why wait? The Good Wife is such a pleasure to watch, though I hope Alicia and Will don’t have another fling. Together they bore me. By the way, have you read the Andrew Morton biography on Jolie? Fascinating about her connection to Sherlock–that is if you enjoy celebrity dirt, which of course I don’t :). He was pretty good in Dexter!

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