Bromance Is My Guilty Pleasure

b591edb2cb465695482853c679fcd813The Huffington Post had this fun post about bromances, utter brain candy for me on this busy day. I love man-love (what’s not to love), and I’ll add a few of my fave bromances from movies and TV:

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot: Jack Lemmon is adorable in just about every movie. I highly recommend The Apartment, too, but this one is classic bromance and they even wear dresses together!  Jack and Tony bicker like an old married couple. On Part III of our honeymoon, my husband and I visited Jack’s grave. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so morbid!

Sweets and Booth in Bones: Not officially a couple but their scenes together are highly bromance-charged. Sweets has an MD, but looks like he’s 12. Booth has the street smarts to counsel Sweets on babe issues. They go together like cookies and almond milk (which is what I drink with sweets).

Michael and Dwight on The Office: Their love is deep. My husband and I watched this sitcom early in our courtship. I identified with Michael (When I try too hard, it usually backfires) and Sam “gets” Dwight in ways I will never fully comprehend.

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in Heat: While they don’t have a lot of together screen time, the anticipation of their sharing a frame nearly undoes me. These legends live together and–spoiler alert–sometimes they die together…or in the presence of one another. You know what I mean. And there’s Val Kilmer at his most gorgeous.

Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor in Queer as Folk: Okay, this is more-than-friends man-love. Though an unlikely couple with wildly different personalities, they love each other over the course of the five-year series (but break up a few times since you need a little conflict).

Seinfeld and George in Seinfeld: I wouldn’t mind having George as my guardian angel (except he’d fail at this since he’s only out for himself). He’s pleasantly annoying, inquisitive, possibly a cosmic mosquito to everyone else but I find his transparency endearing. Only a less funny/more normal character can deal with him.

Who’s on your list of all-time favorite bromances?


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