Romantic Life Lessons

Snow Day!

iStock_000002832183XSmallNew Yorkers were urged to stay home today, and I’ve been tracking weather since last night. My building’s super (super-god, more like) is out shoveling the walkway for people like me who slip even on regular pavement. With kids who are home from school, some may not experience a snow day as a fun holiday. Given my conscience and deadlines, I tend to work anyway–but the thrill is still there!

We had a tradition in my high school where each term, on one special night, the headmaster would find a creative way to announce a spontaneous holiday for the next day*. Can you hear the sound of 500+ cheering adolescents? It boosted morale and rewarded us for working hard (we had classes 6 days a week…). Now that I’m slightly beyond high school years, a snow day is the closest I get to an unannounced holiday.  It’s no wonder many romances have the “snowbound” element in them–can’t go anywhere, stuck inside, what to do with attractive hero and heroine in same log cabin, when will bad weather end. Inclement weather isn’t always a giddy affair (Storm Sandy was truly awful), but today, it’s nice to be huddled on the couch with my manuscript and coffee. I hope you’re enjoying the day wherever you are.

*This was how they announced the holiday a few years ago and, incidentally, the eternally youthful teacher they mention is my idol and why I took 9 years of Latin! Lucky kids to have Edward acknowledge their existence.


4 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. Yay for a snow day! I went in yesterday, despite the horrendous driving conditions, but kept the store closed today (thus creating a snow day “shop manager holiday” for myself and the two other artists scheduled to work). No one was going to be out shopping anyway…they’ll either be digging out from the foot+ of snow we got yesterday, or hiding out from the 2 degree temps.

    I love the Taft announcement. what a blast. But school six days a week?! No wonder you turned out so smart!

    I’ll tell you what…I’ll get some writing done, to keep you company while you edit 🙂

    1. You are a trooper, Deborah! And quite smart to have a holiday. I’m definitely editing since it’s way too cold to go outside and I’m bored with TV. Enjoy your day!

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