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Back to the Office I Go!

photoTwo weeks have passed since my last day in the office, and, let me tell you, I’m glad to be here today! Though a home-body, even I need to see people a few times a week. The holidays are over (and FYI, only one fit of uncontrollable sobbing this year) and I’m so ready to work hard in 2014. So here’s my first list of editor resolutions for the year. I will…

1. Keep my desk clean, not cluttered.

2. Make friends with the editing software we use. I’m not a fan, but it’s reality, everyone’s using it and the thing saves trees.

3. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

4. Use the phone and communicate more often. Answer phone calls within 24-hour period. Stop claiming to have a phone disorder.

5. Walk around the office every half hour. It’s not all about the screen.

6. Not slack off on updating complicated chart of sales data. Getting information is a priority. 

7. Answer submissions within three months.

8. Deal with heinous tasks (the shame of hoarding submissions for over 3 months, filling out forms, revisions).

9. Avoid milk chocolate covered graham crackers from Starbucks downstairs. Chocolate turns me into a crab within half an hour of consumption. Maybe in emergencies with #2, #6, #8 problems.

10. Always take time out to read.


8 thoughts on “Back to the Office I Go!”

  1. #5 is important for good health. I’ve been reading lately about how a sedentary lifestyle puts you at risk for lots of things…blood clots in legs and other stuff. Five minutes an hour is my goal. Happy healthy New Year to you, Patience!!

  2. Oh so true, Beth–and Happy New Year to you! I also find that when I sit for hours, I am a zombie by the end of the day.

  3. Chocolate turns you crabby? That’s just…wrong. Maybe it is milk chocolate, since there is a lot of sugar in it, and you get crabby from the sugar crash? I’d hate to think you couldn’t eat REAL chocolate!

    Good luck with all those great resolutions. I expect a report back on how it’s going. And you’re on Twitter?

    1. It’s the sugar crash that doesn’t agree with me but that won’t stop me. I found caramel, chocolate praline deliciousness today…. Happy New Year!!!

  4. All of those objectives are soooo very virtuous! Let me know how you manage to keep your desk clear. Still struggling with my inherited “stacking” gene.

  5. Hi, Susan! Total failure on my keeping the desk clear. I also inherited stacking genes from my mother, but we both know where everything is. 🙂 Happy New Year to you.

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