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Holiday Resolutions

Christmas DecorationThis is a unique time of year. I don’t know about you but I become irritable during the entire holiday season and I’m not sure why. No one was mean to me at Christmas or New Year’s. Santa is cool and so are Winter Solstice, Chanukah and Kwanzaa. The day after Halloween, those Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations flood the stores, making me go Grrrrrrrr. Maybe it’s that I eat too much starting now. Maybe I like sweaters but not winter. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided that this year, I’m combatting those blues with a few resolutions, for my editor, writer, and human being self:

  • In anticipation of heavy influx of cake, wear those bigger jeans*. At certain points, we all need room to grow. Let the Cranberry Bliss Bars be eaten!
  • Instead of working at the same pace through the holidays, slow down–even with the inevitable end-of-year avalanche of manuscripts on your desk. I hear that editors don’t read during the holidays anyway. This year I will make it so (oh, who am I kidding, I’ll be reading–only difference, with some egg nog).
  • Send out holiday cards, even though recipient will open it, read it and throw it away after a month on the mantle. Maybe do this during Housewives. The process of remembering people and addressing them will lift spirits.
  • Don’t forget that other people exist, so try not to be mean to them even if Grinchlike behavior persists, even if busy NY-ers are not always, shall we say, benevolent during holiday season (I was here first, no me, get out of my way).
  • Sure, it’s nice when the office is quiet because everyone is on vacation, but it’s a little sad, too. This is what happens when you use up your vacation days! Oh wait, you have vacation left? Use it.
  • In romance novels, Christmas is a popular hook for readers. Find a way to understand this. Immerse yourself in the holidays, wear Santa hat while editing (though not in front of people), break teeth on candy canes.
  • Try not to get lame presents for family (you know you do) because this brings everyone down.
  • Don’t expect much if calling author day before Christmas. In fact, just don’t do this.
  • Try not to hint too much that a new kitten would magically brighten holiday season. Happiness comes from within. (meow)

Happy Holidays to you all–and I do mean that.

*Thanks, Eat, Pray, Love!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Resolutions”

  1. Kittens! (Sorry, you had me at kittens.) And maybe that’s where I went wrong back when I was subbing to you…I should have sent eggnog. Or maybe a kitten 🙂

    I’m okay with the holidays (because I don’t care…it helps not to care), but because the little shop I run gets so busy, and I have to spend so much time and energy being Cheerful and Perky (faking it, in other words), by the time we reach the actual holiday, I am ready to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and some cats and Not Talk to Anyone Ever Again.

    On the other hand, I really look forward to the big Yule dinner party I have with friends. Even if I somehow ended up volunteering to cook a 20 lb turkey in the middle of the busy season.

    Here’s hoping you manage to stick to at least some of your resolutions, and that Santa brings you a kitty.

  2. Thanks, Deborah! Admitting to my seasonal grouchiness is the first step. It must be great to have the shop to keep up the spirits. Oddly enough, having a lot of work helps me–and of course all the baked goods. But I’m always happy when January 1 rolls around. Hope you have a fabulous Yule celebration–and Thanksgiving before that. 🙂

  3. Yes, admitting you are a grouch is the first step in getting help :-). If necessary, I will send medicinal chocolate. With Christmas, I think it helps that it isn’t my holiday, so to speak, and I am so focused on the shop (and jewelry making), there isn’t much room for anything else. And my Thanksgiving is very quiet–dinner with a friend, who does all the hard work (although he does name the turkey each year after a different porn queen–something that doesn’t bear much looking at). Then off to the shop bright and early on Black Friday!

  4. Do love the idea of naming the turkey after a different porn queen (or king). We can see that Patience’s blog really contains practical advice to brighten the holiday. Maybe the turkey naming will lift her mood.

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