Romance Is My Day Job Has a Facebook Page!

9780525954385_medium_Romance_Is_My_Day_JobSo, there’s this thing called “Social Media” and it’s really useful for promotion, especially of your product. Lucky for me, I love Facebook…and I’ve followed the directions of how to create a page. Success! And I didn’t cry once. Next, I will tackle Twitter promotion deftness. If you love true love, a fun read and Facebook, I invite you (and could bribe you with Candy Corn since it’s 99 cents a bag at Duane Reade–just kidding, I already ate it all) to “like” my book’s new page:


Even my late cat, Antoine, likes it!  The more successful this book is, the more likely my husband will agree to our getting another kitty.

Think about it.antoine 2


2 thoughts on “Romance Is My Day Job Has a Facebook Page!”

  1. You NEED another kitty! Tell hubster not to pin conditions on it…Everyone deserves a friend. Even cats! 🙂 Good luck with the book, the FB page and the new kitty search! (If you get a new cat, I’ll write it into my next book!) >^o^<

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