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Ice Breaking Blog Post!

indexYou know how you should write every day–or talk to someone–and against your better judgment, you put it off? Days go by, weeks, then a month. You get embarrassed, don’t know what to say, maybe nothing and it soon becomes a thing. The abandoned blog. The friend you love but are embarrassed to have not answered. Then your mother cuts through the nonsense with, “Step it up, Patience. You haven’t written on your blog in over a month!” Thanks, Mom!!!

For a few weeks, I agonized over what to post. Work details? Okay, but how many A Day in the Editor Life blog posts can anyone stand? More writing tips are always a good idea, until I see how many “top ten tips” I’ve generated, and I think–really, are you so lazy that all you do is make lists (yes, because I love them)? But still, sure, I can write these forever. Then, I experienced a brain freeze thanks to this awesome, rewarding venture. I can’t walk and chomp on Altoids at the same time. Back burner for the blog again.

Maybe more personal details are in order, but–yakk–my whole life is about to become very personal! I should preserve my privacy just a little while longer (we just got a new couch).

Related to work, since I edit a lot of romantic suspense: I could write about how much I’ll miss Dexter. While I predicted the entire episode, the finale left me too scared to be alone. How did I survive those twenty-plus years of living by myself? After we watched it, my husband went for a walk, i.e. Prime Serial Killer Time, wife alone in apartment. I had to shut all the windows and curtains, check the closets (sometimes they hide there ALL DAY LONG). Theย Dexter music played in my head the entire time he was gone (1/2 hour). I could have sworn I heard the latch on the door move.

There are cheerier topics, like how I spoke to the publicist for my book for the first time. My introduction to publishing was in a publicity department and with my current job, I love to eavesdrop on the incredibly challenging work publicists do. Talking about plans for my book was really exciting and I kept thinking, Is this really happening to me?

So there it is, my ice breaker. I’ve scheduled my mother to nudge me at least once a week.

10 thoughts on “Ice Breaking Blog Post!”

  1. Yay Patience’s mom! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am happy to read more lists, am always fascinated by what happens behind the scenes in publishing, and would love to hear all about your upcoming book. Also, what color is your new couch Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. YAY!!! Have been missing you & your blog so much. Thanks for coming back. I’m only one reader, but I’m super happy to read your Day In Your Life & top ten lists ad infinitum. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you! I was getting so bored reading the same August posting every day even though all your posts are wonderful.

  4. The finale was a little predictable. I knew Dexter wouldn’t wind up in Argentina or happily ever after. The whole Deb thing upset me. It didn’t make sense that Oliver was left alive in the first place. For me, though, I wasn’t that frustrated because it hadn’t been as good since John Lithgow. I’m with you on general disappointment. Did you watch Breaking Bad? Homeland?

    1. My hubby watches/watched Breaking Bad. He says it is his favorite show. He thought the ending fit. I want to start with Homeland having heard many good things about it, but I want to start at the beginning.

  5. I am so very excited for you to watch Homeland. I watched the entire first season in under 48 hours. It’s riveting and Claire Danes is pretty amazing, as is Mandy Patinkin. Let me know what you think! I’m definitely a Homeland-aholic.

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