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It’s Always Good to Take a Break

Seniors Shocked by TVI usually work on weekends, but this time, I didn’t (maybe I edited a few chapters).  If you edit or write, there’s always the feeling that your work is never done. At least, I feel this way all the time.  Just because the work day is over, does it mean you should stop?


Not stopping can cause harsher burn-out later. I know my limits now so on Friday night, I looked at my list of things to do and immediately went into denial mode. What work?  For 48 hours, my work brain froze and I embarked on a marathon of Six Feet Under with my husband, played endless games of Candy Crush, went couch shopping, bought 2 (okay 4) pairs of shoes, and started a 750-piece puzzle (I live dangerously).

Tomorrow I will feel better about tackling that long list.

4 thoughts on “It’s Always Good to Take a Break”

  1. I can’t afford to take the whole weekend off from writing, since that is my most productive time (I get things done most days when I am through working the day job, but I can do more on San/Sun). What I *have* started doing, however, is avoiding the interwebs on weekends. Sometimes I don’t even turn the desktop on, just use the laptop for writing. It is amazing how much more relaxed I feel on those days.

    Breaks are good.

    1. Interweb fasting sounds great! Don’t you feel better if you’re not constantly looking at the computer? I hope you have a great weekend, Deborah!

  2. I so hear what you’re saying. As a teacher, taking work home is almost expected. But recently I decided that I’d rather stay a little later and be more productive. In the classroom, there are no distractions like the tv, food, hubby, kids etc… So when I do get home, I can do whatever I want. Which is usually writing or reading. That relaxes me and I’m a much more pleasant teacher the next day. To be effective, you must take time for yourself.

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