A-Conferencing I Will Go!

Girl Riding a Commuter Rail Trainby Patience Bloom

This has never happened to me before: I’m going to two conferences back to back. Usually, I’m not a great traveler, but I confess, I am excited to get out of dodge. Amtrak is my new BFF as I trek down to Maryland this weekend for Washington DC Romance Writers’ annual retreat. My iPad is charged, tickets bought, talking points written and I’m already coveting my hotel soaps and shampoos. The following weekend, I go to the New England Romance Writers’ conference where I’ll have appointments, and, I’m sure, meet some fabulous writers.

I can’t wait to see everyone. Speak up if you’re going!

6 thoughts on “A-Conferencing I Will Go!”

  1. I love that you found a picture of a red-head on a train 🙂
    No conferences for me this year, alas, but I went to the NECRWA event two years ago in Salem, and they are a lovely group of people. Have fun!

  2. I will be there (NECRWA) and I am one of your appointments. Hopefully I am also one of those fabulous writers you spoke of. If not I hope you will let me down easy and give me lots of good advice I can use to make my story (and writing) better. I am a teacher and I believe that we all never stop learning. Though kari lemor is not my real name but my real name is close enough maybe you can figure it out. I will make sure to give you a head’s up when we meet. Looking forward to meeting you. I’ve heard many people say you are really nice.

  3. Lucky duck! I’ve just returned from my first conference and I can’t wait to attend another one. Enjoy and soak up all you can!

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