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Snippets of My Reading Past…

photo (3)by Mary-Theresa Hussey

My parents aren’t readers. Multiple newspapers, sure, but I think I’ve seen my dad read about three books in the last thirty years, and all of them were about County Kerry (where he was born) or Kerry footballers (Up the Kingdom!)! My mom would go on vacation and read one-three pages a night and put the book down. It took her a year to get through most books. (On the other hand, she did finish the Fifty Shades trilogy in about three months!)

However, they read every night to us kids. Even now at family gatherings we reminiscence  about sleepovers and which family made you eat porridge, which ones had the best play areas, and which ones made sure they read stories to us each night. 🙂

For parents who never read, they raised four active readers. All of us generally have at least one book if not two or three on the go.  Me, I generally have three or four published titles I’m actively reading, and lots more unpublished at any one time!

My first library book was Mr. Popper’s Penguins, my first Nancy Drew was The Secret of the Wooden Lady and I read my first Harlequin title (technically M&B) when I was eleven. I never stopped wanting more of any of those genres!

One of the common questions you get after they learn you’re an editor (no, I don’t want to be a writer; yes, you have to read a lot; I’ve met Fabio once) is do you still read for pleasure. And I have to say I do. I can’t imagine not reading, and I will get jumpy if I go too long without escaping into a book. Sometimes I’ll read manuscripts on the subway if it’s particularly good or I’m pressed for time, but normally the subway is my fun reading.

I probably read about fifteen-twenty Harlequin titles a month (covering most lines, though I do love Presents!) and I buy books regularly—print more than digital, though I read a lot of digital (and print) from the library as well. And yes, I have accidentally bought the same title more than once (hence a recent resolution to read the books I buy before getting more!) There are a bunch of authors I’ll happily re-read, and I like most genre fiction, and dip into non-fiction a couple of times a year (not really biography or memoir though). My office and apartment are filled with the titles I want to read, though I sometimes have to be draconian and pass on those that have sat too long.

Currently? Well, things have no doubt changed since I wrote this, but I’ve got Living with Ghosts by Kari Sperring (recommended by Laura Anne Gilman and it is great!) in my bag; Chicks Kick Ass anthology (including the fantastic Rachel Vincent!) in the bedroom; iPad for Dummies checked out from the library; Rhyannon Byrd’s Dark Wolf Rising in my pocketbook; and Seraphina by Rachel Hartmann on the iPad. So I’m prepared for every eventuality, and surely will have a different set of titles on the go by “now.”

So if you want to recommend a YA, or romance, or fantasy, or paranormal, or thriller or mystery or SF or intriguing non-fiction or just about anything else, let me know in the comments, and I’ll move it to the top of the pile…

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