Romancing Anaheim

Given my love/hate relationship with traveling, the trip to Anaheim filled me with anxiety and excitement. A few things tipped the scales towards excitement: I adore California. I love RWA’s annual conference no matter how busy or overwhelming it gets. A quiet girl gets unleashed for three days–a must for any bookworm.  Plus, I get to see writers, which is always a good time.

Despite the jet lag and the strange climate that is publishing, I found the tone of this conference to be quite positive (Maybe I was too tired to notice). At the heart is the joy/pain/reward of writing romance. The world is insane right now, but here is a  place where writers can support one another and share ideas. My author shared her creme brulee with me and I ate three-quarters of it.

This conference had special meaning since my first RWA was in Anaheim in 1998. That trip was thoroughly terrifying but wound up cementing my love of the genre and its authors. Last night, I got to stand on stage with my author who won a RITA–my first time up there. I also had the extreme honor of meeting face-to-face my beloved author who has written over 225 books. I’d worked with her for 11 years after getting one glimpse of her at that first Anaheim conference.

And now, I must sleep…and then spend an extra week here, touring houses of the stars, watching my accident-prone husband surf, appearing on Langdon Nation (a radio show), trying to find Michael Chiklis because we’re obsessed with The Shield, and reading on the beach.

3 thoughts on “Romancing Anaheim”

  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t there; I would have shared my dessert too 🙂 (Probably…)
    So–who is your author? And congrats to you both! One of my favorite things about these conferences is finally getting to meet my “online” friends–authors, agents, and editors. Maybe I’ll see you at the next one.
    In the meanwhile, enjoy California. And all that lovely reading on the beach. Sigh…my idea of heaven.

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you, Patience! I didn’t realize until later what a rare privilege it was to meet that elusive author you mentioned. I feel so honored to have been there to listen to her stories and meet her (and you, of course) face-to-face. Enjoy your week of R&R in SoCal!

  3. Thanks, Deborah! Do come to Atlanta next year!
    Melissa, I was so happy to meet you after these last couple years of reading your wonderful work. Looking forward to the next story!

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